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Every rehab aims to help you quit drugs. They make the process as free of painful or dangerous withdrawal symptoms as they can. Each rehab uses approaches of varying effectiveness, however. Only in some rehabs are the scientific principles of addiction rehabilitation applied in full. An example, not every rehab method offers addicts the full-time access to addiction professionals of inpatient care. At our inpatient drug rehab in McAllen, we like to recommend to our clients the treatment approach that gives them such access, because it has been scientifically linked to improved outcomes.

What follows is a quick explanation for why this should be so. If you would like to discuss the inpatient treatment alternative with our experts, you are always welcome to call.

Why Outpatient May Be Inadequate

Rehab treatment is offered in one of two ways: on an outpatient basis or on inpatient basis. Most addicts receive their treatment at outpatient rehabs. They live at home and go about their lives as usual, and only come in to their rehab periodically for their prescriptions, counseling or therapy. The outpatient approach to rehab comes with the following positives and negatives.

The Upside of Outpatient Care:

  • Since the addict can live life at home and go to work as usual, this method is accessible to those who cannot take time off from work or from caring for their children.
  • Since the patient only pays for treatment and not for support services, treatment tends to be affordable.
  • It's easier to find an insurance carrier who will pay for outpatient rehab.

The downsides of outpatient care can be very serious ones:

  • Outpatient rehab comes with little by way of medical supervision. Little prevents the addict from falling back on old ways.
  • Emergency access to medical care is not possible, should unexpected withdrawal symptoms appear.
  • As hard as addiction recovery can be, outpatient rehab offers the patient little time to focus on it. The patient lives his regular life from one day to the next.
  • If the patient has trouble with motivation, there is only limited access available to therapy for help.
  • If the patient has no family support, the loneliness, and the difficulty of facing the pain of withdrawal can be hard.

With the upsides and downsides of outpatient care made clear, it should be easier to understand why there should be need of an alternative. That alternative is inpatient care. It offers patients a way to receive treatment with none of the downsides of outpatient care.

How is Inpatient Care Different?

An inpatient treatment center takes a completely different approach to helping addicts. While the treatments offered are technically the same as in outpatient care, the programs for addiction treatment in McAllen is delivered makes a great deal of difference.

Close medical supervision 24 hours a day ensures that the addict receives support in every way necessary. At our inpatient drug rehab in McAllen, we especially favor our approach for the way we are able to help when dangerous and painful withdrawal symptoms occur. There is always a specialist on hand to quickly administer medications.

Support from both fellow patients and staff can help create close, emotional bonds that help with motivation and internal strength. Supervision can also mean that cheating is simply not an option to the patient.

Not only does the patient receive a great deal of access to caregivers and therapists each day, he gets to focus on getting better.

One in two addictions is traceable to a pre-existing mental disorder such as depression, schizophrenia or OCD. Such a dual diagnosis treatment in McAllen requires special expertise in a rehab. Inpatient care has been proven to offer superior long-term chances of sobriety in these cases.

Inpatient care is also desirable for the care plans on offer. With the kind of time devoted to patients at inpatient rehab centers, teams offering treatment are able to investigate patients as individuals. They are able to formulate personalized treatment plans for each patient. It is an approach that offers superior results.

Choose Inpatient Drug Rehab in McAllen

Finding an inpatient rehab center alone doesn't guarantee the best possible treatment. Many luxury inpatient centers, for instance, do not keep up with the latest advances in treatment science. It is up to each patient and their family to research the choices open to them.

At our inpatient drug rehab center in McAllen, we encourage such research. If you would like to come and to speak to one of our inpatient drug rehab experts, you're always welcome to make an appointment. Call us at (877) 804-1531.

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