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Are you encountering disturbing and difficult symptoms from using a prescription drug for pleasure or for comfort? If you're considering the possibility that you are addicted, you should find out for certain. At our prescription drug rehab center in McAllen, we follow the latest advances in addiction science to help addicts come off the medications that they may abuse, both safely and effectively.

If you need you can always call us for help and counseling. But first, here's an explanation that will help you understand how prescription drug addiction works.

Prescription drugs such as opioids (painkillers), central nervous system depressants (anxiety and insomnia medication) and stimulants (ADHD medications) are widely prescribed for legitimate health conditions. More than 20% of such drugs sold, however, are used for recreational purposes.

These drugs lend themselves to abuse because they share chemical similarities to illegal street drugs such as heroin and cocaine. While a doctor may prescribe a single OxyContin a day, a person who wishes to abuse such a drug for recreation may take 20 or 30 in a day. In such high doses, they produce a rush of euphoria very similar to the kind produced by illegal drugs. Prolonged abuse of this nature can lead to addiction.

What Causes Addiction?

When consumed in large enough amounts, these prescription drugs act on a part of the brain called the reward center, to produce feelings of euphoria. Under normal circumstances, it is the function of the reward center to release and respond to small quantities of neurotransmitter such as dopamine to help produce regular, everyday feelings of well-being and joy.

When these drugs have control over the reward center, however, they force the release of large quantities of the neurotransmitter, thereby creating a rush of euphoric feelings. With repeated exposure to such treatment, the brain deeply and indelibly learns psychological dependence on substance abuse. It is this dependence that is responsible for the cravings of addiction.

With such repeated interference, the brain loses the ability to influence the reward center. When the reward center begins to fully depend on the presence of an addictive substance to function, the brain is said to be physically addicted.

How is Release from Addiction Achieved?

Addiction is constituted of both physical and psychological addictions to addictive substances. Attempting to come off these drugs can be difficult. When a brain that is physically dependent on a drug is denied those drugs, it is no longer able to function. As it attempts to restore function, neurotransmitter levels can experience severe disruption for as long as two weeks (longer in the case of benzodiazepines). The body and brain can experience severe, sometimes fatal symptoms.

Simple and direct cessation of drug use, then, is often impossible. At this prescription drug rehab center in McAllen , we explain to our clients that they need rehab.

What Happens in Rehab?

It is the aim of prescription drug rehab to treat both physical and psychological addictions. Physical addiction comes first. The patient enters our drug center detox in McAllen, and is gradually taken off drugs. As the body brain erupts in withdrawal symptoms, medical professionals in attendance administer medications to suppress them, and keep the patients safe.

Detox usually concludes in a month or less. When it completes, the addict is free of routine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The gains made, however, are temporary. Psychological addiction remains. Cravings can show up unexpectedly and draw the helpless addict in. After detox, then, rehab moves on to relapse prevention care, an intensive form of psychological therapy that lasts many months.

Choosing a Rehab Center

Finding a good prescription drug rehab center is one of the most important parts of addressing an addiction. With the low level of government oversight received by the rehab industry, many rehab centers chase profit, with little provided to patients by way of scientifically valid care. When you're ready to treat your addiction, it can help to both speak to experts, and learn about addiction yourself.

Here at our prescription drug rehab center in McAllen, our experts recommend inpatient prescription drug addiction treatment. Not only does it provide a very high level of medical supervision and support, patients receive personalized programs for addiction treatment in McAllen as well. When you're ready to speak to one of our experts, you only need to call (877) 804-1531.

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